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Many entries in batch queue for same JOB.

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Many entries in batch queue for same JOB.

Hi All,

In VMS server There is weekly system backup job submitted by polycenter scheduler and it submit to batch que "tape$back"

Openvms : V8.3

Poly scheduler : 3.0

(weekly_system_full_backup) this job was completed successfully last week .

Now for the same job i can see many entries are available under batch queue tape$back and job is being submitted successfully since yesterday. More than 50 times system backup completed on media and still it is running.

I tried to deleted the entries manually (del/entry=) but new entries keep on coming on queues.

I've created the another batch queue "temp_que" and requeue the one entry to this que and job was completed without submitting itself.

I have HOLD the Scheduler job but still new entries are coming ( more than 700 entries are available).

Any idea how can i stopped the entries. Please help urgently.

Note : Same job was running last one year without any issue. No changes happend only Tape library configuration changed . Other scheduler jobs are running correctly without any issue.
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Re: Many entries in batch queue for same JOB.

i can see schedule job

Error : %SYSTEM-F-EXITFORCED, forced exit of image or process by SYS$DELPRC

If the job running successfully, then this scheduler jobs status should update but is status is - Last Exit Status : 00002BD4(ERROR)
John McL
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Re: Many entries in batch queue for same JOB.

I can't tell from your posting whether these jobs are entirely under the control of Poly Center or whether your jobs include code to resubmit them at a future time.

I suggest that you
(a) stop the queue in question and kill all the jobs that are scheduled to run on it, except perhaps any job that is currently executing that you want to allow to complete.
(b) check your code to see what is resubmitting the jobs and correct it. It looks like SUBMIT/AFTER might not be using the correct time. (If this is handled by some database or controlling files then take a look at what time of execution has been defined.)