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Message in OPCOM

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Torfi Olafur Sverrisson_1
Occasional Advisor

Message in OPCOM


I am getting alot of the following messages in OPCOM:

Message from user SYSTEM on LERKI
Event: Unrecognized Individual Destination PDU from: Node CSMA-CD Station CSMA,
at: 2004-01-04-08:13:34.425+00:00Iinf
Data Link Header='00606D211B9E0000F805014D0800'H
eventUid E404B2AF-3E8D-11D8-A464-AA0004001104
entityUid 4CACC6A8-3E7F-11D8-845D-AA0004001104
streamUid 4FC68293-3E7F-11D8-850B-AA0004001104

Can any one tell me where these messages come from and how I can get rid of them?

Regards, Torfi
Åge Rønning
Trusted Contributor

Re: Message in OPCOM

The NCL manual defines this message as:

unrecognized individual destination pdus

Number of times a received PDU with an individual destination MAC address was discarded because there was no port with the correct Ethernet protocol type, SNAP protocol identifier, or link logical control SAP address enabled.

How to block it:

DECnet-Plus can report many events, and this one is supposed to be blocked (not reported) by default on most versions. On your system it must not be. I recommend you block the event by adding the following command to SYS$MANAGER:NET$EVENT_LOCAL.NCL

((NODE,CSMA-CD,STATION), Unrecognized Individual Destination PDU)

If you find you do not have a SYS$MANAGER:NET$EVENT_LOCAL.NCL, follow the instructions in SYS$MANAGER:NET$EVENT_LOCAL.TEMPLATE by issuing the following command first:


Hope this helps!
VMS Forever
Frequent Advisor

Re: Message in OPCOM

Does your system have a network card with no connection to the network ? Mostly that's when I see these message's.
Veli Körkkö
Trusted Contributor

Re: Message in OPCOM

I am not absolutely sure but judging from

Data Link Header='00606D211B9E0000F805014D0800'H

I would expect that the associated destination protocol would IP.

Typically this happens because your are booting your system and DECnet starts early and TCPIP later on. Other systems/routers may remember your ethernet address and try to communicate with you already though TCPIP stack is not yet
functional on your end.

I would follow previous recommancations and also try to put TCPIP stack startup pretty much early in SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM rather than late.

Torfi Olafur Sverrisson_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Message in OPCOM


Tanks for all your relpies. The TCPIP startup comes almost immediately after I mount all volumes. The mount can take some time especially if the volumes needs to be rebuild after a "bad shutdown".

Torfi Olafur Sverrisson_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: Message in OPCOM

Hi again

The mount is the first thing that is done.

Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Message in OPCOM

that message is a IP packet arriving on a network card on which IP is not (yet) running. If it occurs during system startup then it can be ignored as the messages will stop when TCPIP Services for OpenVMS (or equivilent) is started. If it keeps occuring then you have IP packets arriving on a network card on which you have not configured IP. Do you have multiple network cards? Is the Data Link Header always the same - if so you can use the source MAC address 0000F805014D to determine where the packets are coming from.
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