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Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

Paul Taylor_4
Occasional Contributor

Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

I need to migrate our Pathworks server from its current domain into a new domain. Can anyone give some guidance as to the easiest way to achieve this.
I'm assuming I can run PWCONFIG and simply specify a new domain name. Also assume this would result in existing shares, users etc. being lost.
Am I correct in thinking I can avoid this by copying, then reinstating certain database files (sharedb. lsa. acl. + others?) in [...lanman.datafiles] directory.
Honored Contributor

Re: Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

Yes Paul,
after you change domain using PWCONFIG you lost all database.
A/S & Pathwork documentation does't explain nothing on chage domain name.
Sorry I can't help you.

Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Paul Nunez
Respected Contributor

Re: Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

Hi Paul,

First, I hope you're at least at v6.0C ECO2:

$ @sys$startup:pwrk$define_commands
$ pwver

Should show the image IDs as something similar to 6.0-320C (the "2" indicates ECO2).

And if you have pwlmxxxca07.03 licenses I would recommend you upgrade to v6.1 (or v7.3A ECO2 if you have alpha OVMS v7.2-2 or later).

Anyway, you are correct in that you must run PWRK$CONFIG to change domain names. And that will, in effect, wipe out your existing SAM and SHARE databases (as well as negate any existing share and file/dir permissions, unless those permissions are from the domain you're going to join; that is, currently the PATHWORKS domain trusts the domain it's going to join).

You can recover the share database (pwrk$lmdatafiles:sharedb.). I would first try restoring both the ACL. and SHAREDB. files, but keep the new ACL. file created by PWRK$CONFIG in case you have to revert to it - some folks have been unable to get PATHWORKS running after re-using the old ACL. file after a domain change. But at least you can save your SHAREDB and not have to redefine all shares.

So the procedure would go something like this:

$ @sys$startup:pwrk$define_commands
$ pwstop [cluster]
$ copy pwrk$lmdatafiles:acl. *.keep
$ copy pwrk$lmdatafiles:shardb. *.keep
$ pwcon
Change the domain name (and role if desired).
Follow the prompts and be sure when it returns to the menu that it reflects the correct domain name (and role).
When prompted to start PATHWORKS, respond No.
$ rename pwrk$Lmdatafiles:acl. *.new
$ rename pwrk$lmdatafiles:sharedb. *.new
$ copy pwrk$lmdatafiles:acl.keep *.
$ copy pwrk$lmdatafiles:sharedb.keep *.
$ pwstart

Give it a minute or two to start all processes and domain services, then check that NETLOGON service is started using $ ADMIN SHOW SERVICES.

If this is a BDC and you have a very large account database it can take a few minutes for the full sync to occur; check the event logs for indications of success (3 messages are posted, one for the SAM, one for the LSA, and one for the BUILTIN database) or failure.

If NETLOGON starts, you're probably good to go, but you can then do $ ADMIN LOGON, logon to the domain and try $ ADMIN SHOW USERS. It will seek out the PDC (emulator) to get the list of users. If you get the list, you're definitely all set...


Paul Nunez
HP Services
Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

Paul tells you how to save the share databases.

What also might be of interest is saving or migrating or merging the users with this new domain. But, you don't tell us anything about you current configuration (PDC/BDC?) or the new domain, or what your expectations or goals are for the new domain.

Also, if that new domain is Win2K, you really need to get to V6.1 for a supported configuration (although 6.0D will work, in most cases, and, 6.0D uses the same license as 6.0C).

So, Paul gave you the part of the story that you asked about, but, I think there might be more to the story.

Brad McCusker
VMS Engineering
Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International
Paul Taylor_4
Occasional Contributor

Re: Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

Currently running PW V6.0-320C in VMS 7.2 cluster. PW server is BDC within a domain which has a WINNT 4.0 PDC - Also running Exchange V5.5. Trying to achieve a number of things, but essentially to end up with - at least - retention of existing functionality, Exchange 2000 running within Win2K domain, with PW servers running as BDCs within the new Win2K domain. Thru all of these changes, trying to avoid changing PW licences (currently PWLMXXXCA06.00), because of costs, or upgrading VMS for fear of upsetting legacy applications.

Advice I currently have is:
1. Create new Win2K domain.
2. Set up trust between old & new domain
3. Migrate exisiting PW servers into new domain (retaining all existing users & shares).

Brad, are you saying minimum support for Win2K is PW V6.0D and that going further and installing V6.1 would demand upgrades to PW licenses. What are minimum VMS revisions for either of the above?

I was led to believe V6.0c is supported within Win2K domain. You suggest this is not the case?

Paul Nunez
Respected Contributor

Re: Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

Some points to ponder:

v6.0C ECO2 and v6.0D are one in the same; other than the image version ID, the code is identical (v6.0c eco2 was redesignated v6.0D so it could be included on the various software library and O/S CDs which at the time only allowed non-ECO kits ;o)

v6.0c eco2 does NOT support SIDHistory (in case you were considering using it). The first version to support SIDHistory is Advanced Server for OpenVMS v7.3A ECO2.

v6.0c eco2 can be a BDC in a "W2K" domain only if that domain is in "mixed-mode" functionality(not "native-mode"); otherwise, it can only be a Member server (which is probably the best role for Advanced Server anyway).

While v6.0c eco2 will _mostly_ interoperate in a W2K domain, it's code was already "frozen" prior to the release (or right there about) of W2K so no testing nor qualification was done. Thus, several problems were discovered and fixed in v6.1; v6.1 was tested/qualified with w2k (it's even in the SPD).

Even v6.1 is over 2 years old now. The real push has been in the Advanced Sever for OpenVMS product - a "sister" product of PATHWORKS for OpenVMS. The current release, v7.3A ECO2, is quite compatible with W2K servers/domains and even has some fixes for W2003 servers/domains. But Advanced Server for OpenVMS v7.3A is not an option for you unless you upgrade to OpenVMS Alpha v7.2-2 or later. Actually, I didn't see any indication whether you have a VAX or Alpha cluster. If VAX, the only option is PATHWORKS for OpenVMS v6.1.

PATHWORKS for OpenVMS v6.1 and Advanced Server for OpenVMS v7.3A ECO2 both use the same license - PWLMXXXCA07.03. There is an "upgrade" license you can purchase to exchange your PWLMXXXCA06.00 licenses for ca07.03 license (price is very reasonable). For part numbers see:


Contact your usual sales agent to inquire about pricing and discounts which may apply...


Paul Nunez
HP Services

Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: Migrating Pathworks (v6.0C) to new Domain

I think Paul Nunez has done a god job answering Paul Taylor's questions. However, there were a couple directed to me, so, I will respond to thoses.

>Brad, are you saying minimum support for
>Win2K is PW V6.0D and that going further
>and installing V6.1 would demand upgrades
>to PW licenses.

Mininum offical support for Win2K requires V6.1, and, yes it requires an upgraded license.

>What are minimum VMS revisions for either >of the above?

V6.1 will run and be supported on OpenVMS Alpha Version 6.2, 7.2-2, 7.3, 7.3-1, and 7.3-2 and OpenVMS VAX Version 6.2, 7.2, and 7.3. "Support" assumes that the underlying OS version is still supported - in th list above I think V7.2-2 is only supported with a prior version support contract, and I think V7.3 will soon be not supported.

>I was led to believe V6.0c is supported
>within Win2K domain. You suggest this is >not the case?

V6.0C-ECO2 (aka V6.0D) is not supported with Win2K. It will probably work for you, but, its not supported. Win2K was out before V6.1 and customers successfully used V6.0C-ECO2/V6.0D with Win2K.
Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International