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Moving C-programs made on VMS to linux

Peter Davison_1
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Moving C-programs made on VMS to linux

I have been trying to get a C program, which was written for openVMS to run on my linux machine.

Any suggestions, or links that explain what modifications would be needed to modify the C program to run on linux?

The program involves a lot of graphics and when the program is ran remotely on a VMS system, using either windows or linux, you need to run "corelut" for the colors to work properly.
I have the source code for this program and the corelut lookup table but neither will run on linux.

Thank you,
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Re: Moving C-programs made on VMS to linux

welcome to vms forum.

At first glance, you can't get help from this forum: here there are no linux experts.
And then, here, people love vms and don't like who carry application from vms to other oses.

However, your question is very difficult to answer. What kind of software you have to export? What os service and/or function your application use?
For example, I don't know what is "corelut".

Post more info, please.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti