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Multimedia for VMS (MMOV) programmig question

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Alex Chupahin
Super Advisor

Multimedia for VMS (MMOV) programmig question

Hello all!
I'm hacking libSDL, anybody who programmed/hacked MMOV please help. This trouble has been gone down my mind.

This is a code:

static int MMOV_OpenAudio(_THIS, SDL_AudioSpec *spec)
printf ("CHAPG waveOutGetNumDevs %d\n",waveOutGetNumDevs());

oForm = mmeAllocMem(sizeof(PCMWAVEFORMAT));
wHdr = mmeAllocMem(sizeof(WAVEHDR));
Caps = mmeAllocMem(sizeof(WAVEOUTCAPS));

if(!oForm || !wHdr || !Caps) {
SDL_SetError("mmeAllocMem failed!\n");
return -1;

waveOutGetDevCaps((UINT) 0, Caps, sizeof(WAVEOUTCAPS)))
printf("CHAPG Using device %d: %s version %d.%d\n",

waveOutGetNumDevs() returns me a 1 - this is nice, I really have sound board. Its ID=0.

exit with internal error:
"CMMlib: Protocol Error received... exiting..."

Please note, MMOV works fine, mpg123 is working. For a first (and second) look I do the same in audio_vms.c in mpg123 project

Alex Chupahin
Super Advisor

Re: Multimedia for VMS (MMOV) programmig question

Ok, I've found the answer. This is conflict between shm...() functions from MMOV and XLIB.

This libraries should not be used together. It seems, static version of LIBSDL.OLB cannot be used then...
Also I should add THREADS support... and so on...

+ 10 points for myself :)

Any ideas about concepts of writing Multimedia applications from MMOV hackers still welcome

Trusted Contributor

Re: Multimedia for VMS (MMOV) programmig question

If an example helps, XMCD was (still is?) available for VMS, in source code.
Regular Advisor

Re: Multimedia for VMS (MMOV) programmig question

Some years ago I encountered the same problem in xlockmore. I reported the problem to HP-service. I did not get an updated version, since I solved the problem myself in the following way:

take all modules out of mmov.olb and create from it a shareable image mmov.exe.

How I did it, please look into the make.com which comes with the xlockmore package

Good luck porting
Alex Chupahin
Super Advisor

Re: Multimedia for VMS (MMOV) programmig question

Thank you very much, I just have the same idea.
Previously, I decided to split problem and wrote simple bindings, but then just make an shared from MMOV.OLB. It seems, HP won't to support Multimedia because Itanium workstantions are died in the marked. Even Alpha workstations saled bit better the Itanium how I heared.

Now problems are solved, see next version of the Simple DirectMedia Layer with sound support at http://clamav.dyndns.org/libsdl/public.html

Thank you for all