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NFS Client issue on OpenVMS 8.4 and TCPIP 5.7 ECO2

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NFS Client issue on OpenVMS 8.4 and TCPIP 5.7 ECO2



SInce I have been upgraded to OpenVMS 8.4 and TCPIP V5.7 ECO 2 on I64, I have problem with the response time of NFS Client.

Sometimes it takes more then 5 minutes to display the files. When I look at the process it is using a lot of CPU but after 5 minutes I get the reseult. Normally it takes 1 second to get the result.

I don't understand why it takes sometimes so long time with a lot of CPU usage and one hour later it is working normal and give the results within a second.

This behaviour is the same with NFS version 2 and NFS version 3.

Has somebody else got the same problem?


Below some details:


Network File System:
  TCPIP$CFS_SHR;1           "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSLIB]
  TCPIP$DNFSACP;2           "V5.7-ECO2-22011" 29-APR-2011  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]
  TCPIP$DNFSDRIVER;1        "V5.7-ECO2"       15-DEC-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYS$LDR
  TCPIP$DNFS_MOUNT_SHR;2    "V5.7-ECO2-22011" 29-APR-2011  SYS$COMMON:[SYSLIB]
  TCPIP$LOCKD;1             "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]
  TCPIP$MOUNTD;1            "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]
  TCPIP$NFS_SERVER;1        "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]
  TCPIP$NFS_SERVICES;1      "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYS$LDR
  TCPIP$NFSSTAT;1           "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]
  TCPIP$PCNFSD;1            "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]
  TCPIP$STATD;1             "V5.7-ECO2"       23-NOV-2010  SYS$COMMON:[SYSEXE]

_DNFS10:[000000]        mounted
    Transport                   TCPIP-TCP   Writing                     Enabled
    Version                         NFSv3   Async Write                Disabled
    Read/write size            8192/32768   Write conversion            Enabled
    RPC timeout             0 00:00:10.00   ADF usage         USE,UPDATE,CREATE
    RPC retry limit                     4   Fileids                      Unique
    Attribute time          0 00:00:15.00   Server type                    UNIX
    Directory time          0 00:00:30.00   Advisory Locking           Disabled
    Cache Validation          MODIFY TIME   Default user       [DSNLINK,DECNET]
    Superuser                           0   Default UID,GID                 1,1




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Re: NFS Client issue on OpenVMS 8.4 and TCPIP 5.7 ECO2

Call HP Support.  (ECO2 is known to have other issues.)


If you're in a hurry and pending a quick(er) fix from HP, consider dropping back to no-ECO or ECO1.