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Need help on finding patch kit

R. ter Haar
Occasional Visitor

Need help on finding patch kit

I'am using a ALPHA server with OpenVMS 7.2. This server is using two DE600-AA nics to connect to the network.
I know OPenVMS 7.2 doesn't support the DE600 and that there is a patch kit.

Where can i download this pattch kit?????

R. ter Haar
John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Need help on finding patch kit


The most recent ECO released for V7.2 was in 2001. VMS72_HARDWARE-V0100 was withdrawn shortly after its release and superseded by VMS72_UPDATE in June 2000. There is no mention of DE600 in the release notes for the VMS72_HARDWARE or VMS72_UPDATE. Since the kit was withdrawn, rather than archived, it is no longer available.

To my knowledge, there are no ECOs for V7.2 that support the use of the DE600 adapter. The minimum revision level of OpenVMS that supports the DE600 is V7.2-1 with ECO VMS721_LAN-V0400.

Now, before you start telling me you have software that depends on V7.2... here's the deal with the dash releases. They are effectively fully qualified "roll ups" of all prior ECOs.

The wording from the formal OpenVMS support statement is very specific:

"Enhancement Releases for OpenVMS contain enhancements to existing features and maintenance updates.

The version number increases to show a revision by using a dash (e.g., 7.2-1 for VMS)

Enhancement releases are shipped to service customers who have a valid service update contract, however, License Subscription service is not required.

Application Impact: The release may contain new hardware support, software enhancements and maintenance, but the changes are isolated and have no impact on applications. We are confident that the new release has 100% binary compatibility with the previous release. If an application compatibility problem is discovered, we will assign the problem a high priority and commit to providing a fix.

There is no need for ISVs to test on the new release or produce a new application kit.

So, if you have any code that runs on V7.2, it WILL work on V7.2-1 and V7.2-2 [and note that if ISVs ignore the advice of OpenVMS engineering and insist on requalifying dash releases, they've had since 2001 to to it for V7.2-2...]

If your question is really "Where can I download an ECO to support DE600's on my system running OpenVMS V7.2" the answer is "It's called V7.2-2 plus current ECOs"

For change management purposes, you can treat V7.2-2 as a big ECO, rather than as an "upgrade". Indeed, it's the best of both worlds. The application impact is equivalent to an ECO, but with the same level of quality as a full release.
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R. ter Haar
Occasional Visitor

Re: Need help on finding patch kit

Thxs for the clear awnser. I guess the easiest way or me is to change the OpenVMS version from 7.2 to 7.2-2. As far as i known the self written software should not cause any problems.

Thxs again.
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: Need help on finding patch kit


and just for general reference:

VMS patch kits are nowadays available via

Web interface:


Direct FTP access:


Greetings, Martin