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New to Samba, getting error code 1326

kent ehrman
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New to Samba, getting error code 1326

I just installed Samba for VMS, configured as a standalone. Using testparam I get "Loaded
services file OK." and I can see the share that I added to smb.conf.

I used smba$manage_cifs to create a user and password.

From the DOS> prompt I enter "net use u: \\rx2600\salesmgr" then enter username and password that when I get "system error 1326 has occurred" logon failure: unknown user or bad password.

Has anyone seen this before or any ideas?

John Gillings
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Re: New to Samba, getting error code 1326


I find this stuff very confusing in Windows environments, trying to work out where and how the username and password are resolved. Is your client PC in a domain? What is the exact text of the username you entered (are you specifying a domain name?).

Are there any log entries on the OpenVMS system showing a login failure?

Is the OpenVMS system configured for case sensitivity?
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Shriniketan Bhagwat
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Re: New to Samba, getting error code 1326

Hi Kent,

Does the user account used exist on Windows box? I did the quick search on the net and found lots of references for the error what your getting and the typical cause for them. You may want to search and refer them. Below is the link to samba documentation.


Paul Nunez
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Re: New to Samba, getting error code 1326


What version of CIFs is it? Prior to the current version (1.2), when OVMS CIFS is configured as a Standalone server, you must include the server name when specifying the username, in the format:


net use u: \\rx2600\salesmgr /user:rx2600\username *

But it's no longer required in v1.2. You can get v1.2 at:



Shilpa K
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Re: New to Samba, getting error code 1326

Hi Kent,

Please try the following steps and see if the problem goes away:

1. Login to VMS system using a privileged VMS user account

2. Execute:

$ @samba$root:[bin]samba$define_commands.com

3. Change user password by executing:

$ smbpasswd
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:

3. Verify that the login works:

$ smbclient --list --user \

For example, to login using cifsadmin account in a CIFS domain PIANODOM on a VMS system PIANO, execute:

$ smbclient --list piano --user TESTDOM\cifsadmin

If the smbclient is working fine, then try login from the windows system and see if it goes fine.