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Not able to find Errorlog.sys in the OpenVMS system.

Occasional Contributor

Not able to find Errorlog.sys in the OpenVMS system.

Hi All,


One node of the VMS cluster has crashed . Sysdump.dmp was written to the local disk of that server , and now server is offline . Can you please suggest where we can find the errorlog.sys so that we can have a clue about server crash.

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Not able to find Errorlog.sys in the OpenVMS system.



you'll find SYS$ERRLOG.DMP in the specific root (SYS$SPECIFIC:[SYSEXE] or [SYSn.SYSEXE]) on the system disk of the crashed node.


If that file does not exists, errlog entries might be written to SYSDUMP.DMP or PAGEFILE.SYS (both in the same directory as mentioned above).


This file contains the errlog entries immediately preceeding the system crash. These errlog entries will be copied to ERRLOG.SYS during boot.


If the server is really offline, i.e. did not reboot automatically after the crash, you may have a hardware problem, which may not even have written anything into the errorlog (like powerfail).