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Hi All,

I am using OpenVMS v7.3.2 with machine ES47.
I found that the error count of operator terminal device OPA0 is increasing.
I have checked the error log, operator log & console log but nothing special was found.

Could anyone know that how can i check the actual problem?

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: OPA0


By default OPA0 does not have error logging enabled. See SHOW DEVICE/FULL. If it doesn't say:

Terminal OPA0:, device type unknown, is online, record-oriented device, carriage
control, error logging is enabled.

then you should enable it:

$ set device/error_logging opa0:

This should mean that an error occurring on OPA0 will generate an error log entry. Once you've enabled it, wait for the count to increment then search the error log. If you want it enabled permanently, you may need to add the SET DEVICE command to the system startup.

What is currently connected as OPA0? Is it a serial device or graphical? Could there be faulty hardware? How fast is it increasing? (+1 per minute, hour, day week or month?) Are increases associated with any particular time or event?
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Duncan Morris
Honored Contributor

Re: OPA0

You may find that the new VMS732_OPDRIVER-V0100 patch is relevant to your ES47...

5.2.1 ES47/ES80/GS1280 Console Appears to Hang Problem Description:

With later ES47/ES80/GS1280 consoles, the console can
appear to hang during boot. Sometimes, a carriage return
will enable the boot to continue. Also, the error count
on the OPA0: device may be non-zero, reflecting timeout

Images Affected: