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Old VMS/ULTRIX versions & manuals

Ulli Hoelscher
Occasional Contributor

Old VMS/ULTRIX versions & manuals

Who has got access to old (V4.x) and VERY old (V1.x/V2.x) VMS versions & manuals ???

The same question applies to ULTRIX-32 V1.x - V3.x.

Any collectors out there?
Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: Old VMS/ULTRIX versions & manuals

I have a pretty complete VMS doc set for what I believe is v4.7 (might be 4.3). It is buried somewhere in the basement, but I could possibly dig it out. Are you looking for any parts in particular?

Allan in Atlanta
Ulli Hoelscher
Occasional Contributor

Re: Old VMS/ULTRIX versions & manuals

From VMS V4 I'm especially looking for AA-JP20A-TE VMS Local Area VAXcluster Manual (new in V4.6) and some others. Would you give yours away or lend it out? Unfortunately there's an ocean between us as I live in Germany. So sending the manual(s) would be rather expensive.

Have you got VMS V4 software, too? I'd like to build an old fashioned LAVC with my MicroVAX II. I need the V4 LAVC Key kit (LAV010) or VMS V4.7A (V4.7 with LAVC already enabled) or parts of a system backup of an old V4 VMS LAVC system.

Attached is a list of the VMS V4.x manuals I already have and of those which are still missing.
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Old VMS/ULTRIX versions & manuals

Places that I know about for old documents are


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