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One system disk for more than one node


One system disk for more than one node



Three server
One storage area


I need to install one disk with the openvms 8.2 operating system for multi node using.
This disk is viewing by all the server. I need to boot on this disk from all the node.
But the root directory is not the same for all the node.

I have never done it before and do not know how do it. If you can help me it will be greate.

Thanks for your help
Ian Miller.
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Re: One system disk for more than one node

you appear to be proposing a three node cluster with one system disk. Install VMS for one node then add the other two.

See fine documentation


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Jan van den Ende
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Re: One system disk for more than one node


carefully read the documentation specified by Ian (it IS good, and complete!) and then come back here with any questions about what is not totally clear.

From your previous questions I conclude that you are still a relative beginner with VMS, so several of the VMS concepts will still be unusual to you.
The concept that EVERY node in a cluster has DIRECT access to ALL drives is quite alien to non-VMS people, but after you get used to it, it is equally hard to imagine doing without it.

We are here to help any VMS site, and please, do not hesitate to ask!


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Robert Gezelter
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Re: One system disk for more than one node


As was noted in earlier postings, you want to establish an OpenVMS cluster.

When you install the system initially, you will be asked whether you want to create a cluster. The answer is yes.

Once you have the first cluster node running, you will create additional cluster members (this is fully described in the manuals). Each additional member will create a new SYS$SPECIFIC directory, under a different root on the system disk. The first directory will be :[SYS0], the second will generally be :[SYS1], and so on.

The BOOTFLAGS parameter or the boot command has a place for you to specify the system number, which is different for each system root on the system disk.

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Peter Zeiszler
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Re: One system disk for more than one node

First thing is to make sure you have a Cluster License for each of the systems.

Second thing is to read up on VMS clusters in the documentation.
Do you want each system to be available if the others go down? Pay attention to VOTES and Expected_Votes and to Quorum.

I believe that the file that starts the setup for the alternate systems in the cluster is SYS$STARTUP:CLUSTER_CONFIG.COM. You choose an alternate root directory for the other 2 systems with that file.

Then when you boot you use the boot flag to make sure the new system boots from that new directory.

As you have questions or issues - post them here and you definitely will get a response.