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Only SYSTEM account is slow

Regular Advisor

Only SYSTEM account is slow

OpenVMS V7.3-2

Aplha ES45




  Only SYSTEM account is slow. No matter what command we execute on system account we can see a considerable log.


  Even when we submit a small command procedure with jus $ show time and $ exit it takes 30 minutes to complete, none of the other account is facing such issues.


  Just to login it takes around 5 minutes.



 Not sure wher to start with.


  Verified sylogin and login but nothing special, not calling any additional command procedures only some symbols getting assigned.

   Verified and analyzed the disk for errors, checked fragenmentation. (system account login directory is different from sys$manager). It was working fine for a  long time suddenly getting this problem.



 One point to note is all other accounts are working fine.

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Only SYSTEM account is slow

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Only SYSTEM account is slow

When logging in, try skipping LOGIN.COM:



Password: ...


or edit the file and add an initial line "$ EXIT". This will eliminate some environmental issues like inappropriate definitions of DCL$PATH. If that makes no difference, add a new initial line to SYLOGIN.COM




If that doesn't help, please post the log file for your long running "SHOW TIME" procedure.

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