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Open VMS and NAS

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Open VMS and NAS

I would like to know if its possible to NFS mount a NAS volume from an OpenVMS system.

Do I need a NAS client software installed on OpenVMS or the TCP/IP on OpenVMS will suffice?
I have OpenVMS VAX 7.1 on a microvax 3100.

Any advice will be really helpful.
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Re: Open VMS and NAS

NAS is a general term for a technology of attaching storage to some sort of a server (of some sort) with a network-based connection, and is not a specific protocol nor specific device nor specific server. NAS is commonly used to refer to a server dedicated to specific tasks, including storage.

Some NAS devices provide ftp or nfs transfers, and some provide AFP or CIFS/SMB or other protocols. And there are almost certainly some NAS widgets that have device-specific "NAS client" installation kits for specific operating system platforms.

As for your question, try it.

Within the limits of what the OpenVMS NFS client provides, you can NFS mount most NFS served volumes using TCP/IP Services.

The IP core configuration and NFS client configuration is covered in the TCP/IP Services documentation.

There can be other restrictions and other limits here.

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Re: Open VMS and NAS

Got it working after doing few tests. Will set up appropriate privilges etc and off we go.

Thanks Hoff for your valueable advise.