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Open floppy disk in Vax/VMS.

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Open floppy disk in Vax/VMS.

Hello colleagues,


In the last week I started to use a machine in my experiments which their software runs in VAX/VMS system. So, the question tends to be stupid because it is my first contact with OpenVMS, unfortunatelly I don't know nothing about this. My question is:


How can I access the files from a floppy disk in VAX/VMS system? Or, how can I open the floppy disk?


Thank you, everybody.




Steven Schweda
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Re: Open floppy disk in Vax/VMS.

Bob Blunt
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Re: Open floppy disk in Vax/VMS.

First, tell us what type VAX you're using?  There's a model number on the sticker but what it says on the front should be close enough for starters.  There are only two ways to access a floppy on a VAX.  You either mount the floppy as a "foreign" media or one with a label.  $ MOUNT/FOR devnam or $ MOUNT/OV=ID devnam.  If you don't know what device name you have for the floppy please post the outpuf from $ SHOW DEVICE D<cr>


We're stuck until we've got that information, we can't help beyond what guesswork we've already provided.