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OpenVMS DCL commands-files

Super Advisor

OpenVMS DCL commands-files


Does anyone know about usefull DCL-commandfiles
regarding monitoring:

1) disk usages(used/free blocks)
2) size of log-files
3) login failure
4) batch job(working, pending, finished)
5) security issues
6) disk/CPU error

regards geir

If possible it would be nice to logg the information to one file or computer.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: OpenVMS DCL commands-files

This very much depends on what you really want to achieve. There are e.g. a lot of examples of a free disk script floating around.

My own experience is, that is often better to write you own procedure than to try to customize the available procedures, because they are often not generic enough to suit your needs.

Check the freeware archives at
for available procedures as a starting point.

regards Kalle
Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: OpenVMS DCL commands-files


Vaer saa god:


For the other questions, I am afraid Kalle said it already: brew your own, dedicated for your site.

Just to give an idea what can be done:

Yes, we DO have a very nice thing running, with three levels of detail: daily management summary, about 1,5 pages A4;
about 10 pages of generic overview, also published daily on our Intranet for authorized viewers, with zoom-in to specific detail, (for privacy reasons:) only available to a very limited public, with those views themselves monitored.

You will guess from that description: much to much specific detail to even be allowed to get out. Sorry 'bout that.


Have one on me.

Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
Lawrence Czlapinski
Trusted Contributor

Re: OpenVMS DCL commands-files

Disk Usages: We use a modification of the freeware CD DS.COM for disk usage. Attached as DS.TXT.
We added Help to it. @DS ? (or @DS ?? for more details) gives you help.
We also have DS_HISTORY.COM and a DS_MAILER.COM. The DS_MAILER.COM sends an email to me and sometimes to the application person responsible for that cluster/system.
DS_MAILER.COM is submitted from DAILY_JOBS.COM.
Daniel Fernandez Illan
Trusted Contributor

Re: OpenVMS DCL commands-files

Attached document contains a check for disks on system and send a message to manager via mail if some problem is encountered.
But the best solution for your question is to create command files adecuated to your systems (I thinks so).
Saludos, Daniel.