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OpenVMS Pearl Tuesday April 17th Oracle performance


OpenVMS Pearl Tuesday April 17th Oracle performance

Dear Folks

The attacted OpenVMS Pearl was sent out on April 13, however we have a wonderful update to the original OpenVMS/Oracle Pearl

If you visit the following you will notice that the sustain through put is now 1.8 Million.

Slide 19 of Oracle Rdbâ Status and Direction <>

Slide 65 plus those around it of Oracle Rdb Row Cache Update <>
If you need more technical detail, Norm Lastovica from Oracle did an excellent article for the OpenVMS Technical Journal detailing this performance test. This can be found at: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/journal/index.html

Warm Regards,

From HP World Magazine, April 2004, page 50:Benchmarks

Many thanks to Keith Parris - OpenVMS Ambassadorâ ¦
Warm Regards,

OpenVMS OS, Oracle Software Break Performance Barrier

Recent performance tests of Oracle Rdb Version 7.1.2 and Hewlett-Packard OpenVMS Versoin 7.3-2 running on an HP AlphaServer GS1280 system have demonstrated breakthrough transaction performance for a single 32-processor symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) machine configured with 256 gigabytes of main memory, an HP spokesperson said in a press release.

The AlphaServer system, together with Oracle Rdb software, achieved sustained throughput of 1,010,160 database transactions per minute. In this test, five tables with a total of one billion rows were reated and their contents were mapped in main memory using Oracle Rdbâ s Row Cache feature, the HP spokesperson said, adding that the test, designed to explore the limits of the Row Cache feature, was not highly optimized for performance. But, he continued, additional performance tuning is likely to result in even higher transaction rates.

â This new implementation of Row Cache, first available in Oracle Rdb Version 7.1.2, allows customers to fully utilize all the physical memory present in the largest AlphaServer systems for caching databases that retain complete transaction integrity and full recovery from process, disk, or system failure,â the HP spokesperson said in the release. The OpenVMS Version 7.3-2 operating system provides a number of key features for improved scheduling and resource utilization that enhance scalability on systems with many processors. These features were fully utilized in the test, the release added.

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Jan van den Ende
Honored Contributor

Re: OpenVMS Pearl Tuesday April 17th Oracle performance

Yeah Sue,

and now for the real thing:

Get this in WSY, Time Magazin and the like.
And IF that would come to pass, also conquer the real hurdle: DON'T let them edit out the "OpenVMS" text strings.

But if you can pill that of: chapeau!

Don't rust yours pelled jacker to fine doll missed aches.
Ian Miller.
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Re: OpenVMS Pearl Tuesday April 17th Oracle performance

This is excellent news and hp and Oracle should be knocking on doors and shouting about it. It is even more impressive how they have improved the result from the initial 1 million accounced in January.
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