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OpenVMS SAN Design Guide?

Kent Meagher
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OpenVMS SAN Design Guide?

Is there something like the old SAN Design Guide for OpenVMS that might go into detail on OpenVMS working wtih the various SAN storage arrays that HP offers (like the P2000 FC G3, P9500, 3PAR) ?  Like FC configuration rules, do you have to go through SAN switches, can anything be direct attached, why iSCSI is not supported, any kind of SAS support (in contrast).  Just a good SAN primer for OpenVMS.


If no guide exists do we have any whitepapers or documentation that deals with these subjects?



Eberhard Heuser
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Re: OpenVMS SAN Design Guide?

What I have learnt is that you must use a FC switch. A direct connection called "arbitrated loop" is not

possible (efi see's these drives but OpenVMS not).


The cheapest solution is a MSA1000 + Fabric switch.

The more advanced solution is a MSA1500 (SCSI or Sata).


Hope this helps


Art Wiens
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Re: OpenVMS SAN Design Guide?

John H. Reinhardt
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Re: OpenVMS SAN Design Guide?


You've probably found this, but HP has a generic SAN design guide in which OpenVMS is mentioned.  You go to the SAN page ( www.hp.com/go/san )  and on the right there will be a link for "SAN Design Guide" and on that page there will be the current and several of the older versions of the HP SAN documents.


As for something OpenVMS specific I dug around and found this:


Fibre Channel storage, within a shared SAN environment, provides the key storage connectivity to all members of the cluster environment. For the latest updates on the Fibre Channel storage environment, visit: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/fibre/index.html


But the link just re-directs to the OpenVMS main page.  If you have an old copy of the SAN Design Guide for OpenVMS I would just use that and reference the HP generic SAN design guide for newer kit and assume that nothing has really changed


In Chapter 8, Operating systems and storage products there is a link to SPOCK ( www.hp.com/storage/spock ) which if you check out seems to have a good deal of information.  You can pick out OpenVMS specific information.  You need an HP Passport account, but since you're here I assume you have that.


  John H. Reinhardt