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OpenVMS Shadow Copies

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OpenVMS Shadow Copies

Question: Three member shadow set.
Two members at site one
Third member at site two.
10 miles between sites.

Three node cluster - Two at site one
One at site two.

(We run OpenVMS 7.2-1H1).

Remove two members from shadow set and leave off line for a few hours.
Add one of disks at site two into shadow set.
Now have two member shadow set with second member catching up via copy of data from AGH member of shadow set.

Shadow set after period of time now has two complete members.

Add third disk based at site one into shadow set. Shadow server is running on node at site one also. We have read weights set so that nodes at site one will try to read from disk at site one and nodes at site two will try to read from disk at site two.

Will shadow copy take data from AGH or local disk at site one ?

I.E. Does a shadow copy always take data from first member to be added to shadow set or disk nearest to disk being added (Site weighting set).

Kevin Raven
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Re: OpenVMS Shadow Copies

Lets reword question