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OpenVMS and FTP using SSH

Ryan Frillman
Occasional Contributor

OpenVMS and FTP using SSH

I have TCP/IP ECO 5 installed on an openVMS 7.3-2 box. I am trying to use FTP with ssh security to the box. I can not navigate to other folders in FTP or I get incorrect size of files and folders. The FTP programs I have tried are WSFTP Pro and WRQ FTP inside of the reflection package. Has anyone tried this and had it working successfully? If so, how?
Honored Contributor

Re: OpenVMS and FTP using SSH


I have used WSFTP long back, but I recently used WRQ FTP. I remember that we have to give the host directory name(any one dir) in the setup screen itself. If we want to change the directory, again we have invoke the setup screen and change the directory name and click on 'refresh host', to see the contents of that dire. There may be new versions or FTP sw which may support changing the directory after connecting to the host.