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How do I determine which quota is exceeded ?

Oracle Rdb V7.2-350 Event Notification for Database
Process 206000D8 generating bugcheck dump file
Exception at 0000000000D3809C : RDMSHRP72\BLI$CALLG + 000000BC

%COSI-F-UNEXPERR, unexpected system error
-COSI-F-EXQUOTA, exceeded quota

Richard J Maher
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Re: Oracle

Reproducable at will? If so can you put one of those DCL process quota watchers on and see which one's growing/shrinking?

Do you have the source code? Program change? Rdb version (optimizer strategy) change? New program? Read-Only txn or Raed-Write? Selecting or Updating?

What do you have ENQLM and PQFLQUOTA set to?

If you go to you can search the archives (or Rdb meta-link) for a link to Peter Jackson's bugcheck summarizer which can be useful if you have no luck tracking down the problem yourself and have to contact Oracle. May also be a more useful error "%" in the DMP file.

Cheers Richard Maher
Oswald Knoppers_1
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Re: Oracle

Process 206000D8 generating bugcheck dump file

You can edit this file, there should be info in there.

Andy Bustamante
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Re: Oracle

If you can recreate the error, bring up Availability Manager and monitor the process.

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Reach me at first_name + "." + last_name at sysmanager net
Guy Peleg
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Re: Oracle

Assuming a recent OpenVMS version
you can use SDA to analyze the process
dump and look at the JIB to determine which
quota been exceeded.

$ analyze/crash process_dump.dmp

SDA> read sysdef
SDA> format JIB

Guy Peleg
Maklee Engineering