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How do I determine which quota is exceeded ?

Oracle Rdb V7.2-350 Event Notification for Database
Process 206000D8 generating bugcheck dump file
Exception at 0000000000D3809C : RDMSHRP72\BLI$CALLG + 000000BC

%COSI-F-UNEXPERR, unexpected system error
-COSI-F-EXQUOTA, exceeded quota

Richard J Maher
Trusted Contributor

Re: Oracle

Reproducable at will? If so can you put one of those DCL process quota watchers on and see which one's growing/shrinking?

Do you have the source code? Program change? Rdb version (optimizer strategy) change? New program? Read-Only txn or Raed-Write? Selecting or Updating?

What do you have ENQLM and PQFLQUOTA set to?

If you go to www.jcc.com you can search the archives (or Rdb meta-link) for a link to Peter Jackson's bugcheck summarizer which can be useful if you have no luck tracking down the problem yourself and have to contact Oracle. May also be a more useful error "%" in the DMP file.

Cheers Richard Maher
Oswald Knoppers_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle

Process 206000D8 generating bugcheck dump file

You can edit this file, there should be info in there.

Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: Oracle

If you can recreate the error, bring up Availability Manager and monitor the process. http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/products/availman/index.html?jumpid=/products/openvms/availabilitymanager

If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? Reach me at first_name + "." + last_name at sysmanager net
Guy Peleg
Respected Contributor

Re: Oracle

Assuming a recent OpenVMS version
you can use SDA to analyze the process
dump and look at the JIB to determine which
quota been exceeded.

$ analyze/crash process_dump.dmp

SDA> read sysdef
SDA> format JIB

Guy Peleg
Maklee Engineering