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Order of TCPIP logical TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR & addr2

SG Smith
Occasional Contributor

Order of TCPIP logical TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR & addr2

Somehow I've reconfigured HP TCPIP 5.1-3 in a way that's causing an application communication failure. Server has two DE500s, EWA0 is cabled to a 10Mb hub and has a 172.x.x.x address. EWB0 is cabled to a 100Mb switch and has a 199.x.x.x address.

Logicals show
"TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR" = "172.a.b.c"
"TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR2" = "199.d.e.f"
"UCX$INET_HOSTADDR" = "172.a.b.c"

A working system has the addresses reversed
"TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR" = "199.d.e.f"
"TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR2" = "172.a.b.c"
"UCX$INET_HOSTADDR" = "199.d.e.f"

How can I reconfig TCPIP in a manner that assign the logicals in the second manner?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Order of TCPIP logical TCPIP$INET_HOSTADDR & addr2

First some background...

TCP/IP Services V5.1 is rather old; there are ECO kits and there are newer versions.

I'd not look at the order of the logical names here; this case looks to be bog-standard IP routing "fun." The lower-level settings establish the addresses.

But if you want to follow down this path, why not simply swap the Ethernet cables between the DE500 NICs within the box? Or use @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$CONFIG.COM to re-establish your network interface settings the way you want the addressing to work.

Or (more likely the solution) set up the default IP routes for whatever routing traffic you're tossing around. Getting this stuff to work with dual NICs means you have to have routing of some sort, either running as a full-on IP router, by ARP-based routing, or by establishing static routes.