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Output device communication error


Output device communication error

hi, i have this problem.

i need help!

E_CB_IE Internal error (Error in scan_reply(): Machine error: R;E;0;1111;"No machine response";)
E_CB_IE Internal error (Error in qh_write_cmd(): device returned E (R;E;0;1111;"No machine response";), level 0)
E_CB_IE Internal error (start_recorder: qh_write_cmd failed (reply: R;E;0;1111;"No machine response";))
E_CB_IE Internal error (fripout_startpage: start_recorder failed)
E_CTRL_ODCE Output device communication error (fripout(10): E_OPENDEV)
Entered stage ""
Progress: 0%
INFO: bgfrm.exposeresult(3,)
Entered stage "bgfrs.unregister"
INFO: bgfrm.holdqueue(BG-3800-L2)
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Re: Output device communication error

These are not DECnet messages, nor are these OpenVMS messages. These appear to be application messages. These may well be secondary to an OpenVMS or network error, but what that might be is not visible from what's been posted.

The previous question posted here appears to have involved the Barco Graphics FastRip application package.


If this is again the same package that's tossing errors, then for assistance with that application software package, you'll want to contact Barco directly.

The Barco folks have a web site at:


If this is not the same configuration, then more details will be required. And as this looks to be application software, it's usually best to discuss these sorts of cases with the application vendor(s) or with a local application or system support resource.

Also consider migrating to an operating system platform and/or to an application platform that you're more comfortable with supporting, or consider working with somebody (whether local or remote) that can assist you in troubleshooting and supporting and operating specific local application server platform(s). OpenVMS doesn't need much on-going maintenance, but it definitely does need some. And I'd expect Barco or most any other non-trivial application package can require some maintenance, too.