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PCL via Embedded VB

Nigel Sweet
Occasional Visitor

PCL via Embedded VB


I would like to be able to print direct from an embedded platform without the use of printer drivers therefore direct to a printer port.

I assume the best option is via PCL so do you have any examples of how this might be achieved?
Ian Miller.
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Re: PCL via Embedded VB

Nigel, you posted your question to the OpenVMS forum and I don't see the relevance to OpenVMS in your question. If there is some can you explain futher. If not can you have the question moved.
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Nigel Sweet
Occasional Visitor

Re: PCL via Embedded VB

apologies - it is indeed a general o/s question rather than VMS.
Anton van Ruitenbeek
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Re: PCL via Embedded VB


Still a small answer. The only printerfree driver is Postscript.
PCL and all the other drivers are printerspecific. Most printers understand PCL, but it is a HP specific protocol.
Postscript is common (licensed yes (to Apple), but no printerspecific language) and will be translated on the printer to the printer specific needs. So Postscript files can be send to all the printers who understand Postscript (HP/Canon/Apple/Kyocera/NEC/OCE etc).
The printer has a postscriptengine which interpret the file and does the proper setup for the printer.

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Re: PCL via Embedded VB

Hi Nigel,
I wrote a little driver to print directly data to printer (PCL and other).
If you need to print to PCL printer you must:
1)Know PCL standard and keep a copy on your hand (this link can ehlp you) http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/bpl13210/bpl13210.pdf
2)Use a printer connected to system so you can make experience.

About PCL I can tell you follows clues:
a)Since PC5 you need reset code before every print (escape folloed by uppercase E)
b)PCL is designed for laser printer so some control code (for example pitching) are translated (in graphical environment you can print using body size)
c)If you print from PC (as I understand by VB) you need install a DOS driver of printer. If printer has not DOS dirver version it's possible you can't print directly.
d)Using VMS you can connect printer by network (using jetdirect).

You question require a longer answer so if you need other information post again.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti