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PHP5 for OpenVMS

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PHP5 for OpenVMS

We have various PHP5 applications which are then back ported to PHP4 for use on OpenVMS. However, this is becoming increasing difficult and it would be much better to have PHP5 available for use with SWS.

Has anyone ported or is porting PHP5 to OpenVMS or does anyone know of such a port or any efforts in that direction.
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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

Hi Simon,

There was some discussion on this topic in the Info-WASD mailing list earlier this year.

* in February there was news that HP were intending to bring out PHP5 for OpenVMS "toward the end of this year".

* in May, Willem Grooters accosted HP about this at the Bootcamp in Nashua. He reported that "without guarantee: a PHP 5.1 release has been announced for the end of this year (that is: 2008)."

I suggest you discuss this with your nearest OpenVMS Ambassador. Customer pressure *does* bring results!

Jeremy Begg
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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for that update.

I have now also found a comment from Jim Lanciani indicating a similar time frame. This is related to http://www.woertman.com/VMSTUD2007/Open_Source_&ebiz%20update%20tud2007.ppt

I'm not sure if any of the people mentioned so far could provide an indication of whether this release is likely soon.

I also note PHP 5.1, whereas 5.2 would be better at this stage, as 5.2 has now been out for more than 2 years and thats what we are using on Tru64 Unix and Linux.

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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

Simon, I also spoke to some of the managers in charge of porting PHP 5 to VMS, and got similar answers.

I guess we have to give it until next year, but after that I suggest we use the Info-WASD list users and VMS ITRC to start pushing again.

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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

We too are running into a large number of applications that require PHP 5.1 and later. Aside from all of the obvious and traditional benefits of the OpenVMS platform, the lack of software to effectively support VAMP applications is forcing our customers to ask for non-VMS solutions.

HP could increase the demand and viability of OpenVMS and the platforms is runs on by creating/supporting more current ports of the VAMP stack.
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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

You should send some feedback to HP via the form on the HP OpenVMS web site

"Please use the following form to submit product or business questions or comments about HP OpenVMS. "

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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

May be HP should open the PHP code for VMS, and let the VMS community port it. I am convinced some people would have a close look, port it and fix the bugs.

Just my 2 cents.

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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS


The sources have always open. You can get them here:


Whether the VMS-specific changes to PHP 4.x are at all relevant/applicable to PHP 5.x is a different question.
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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS

Note that PHP 5.2.6 has now been released for OpenVMS - see http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/products/ips/apache/csws_php_200_relnotes.html
- however, the source kit doesn't yet seem to have this version, so we can't build extensions yet.
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Re: PHP5 for OpenVMS


however, the source kit doesn't yet seem to have this version, so we can't build extensions yet.

We too need the sources, and have filed a case with HP. They're now searching the source kit for us.

Kris (aka Qkcl)
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