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Patch Database

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Bob Olewine
Frequent Advisor

Patch Database

I notice that the master ECO list for the VMS V8.3 Alpha patches has not been updated

to include the  latest Driver-V0400   or  the  Fibre_SCSI-V1000  patch.   The date

on the master ECO list matches the date of the latest Driver-V0400  but there is no mention

of the patch in the "Kits Not Included in the Update Kit" list.


So ... have I missed something ... or is this a *new* feature?


Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Patch Database

You can submit issues about find patches and patch information via





Purely Personal Opinion
Bob Olewine
Frequent Advisor

Re: Patch Database

Ian, ...

Thank you.   I took your advice and went to the page and asked the same question.


So ... we will see.


I do not see a place to assign points or does that not happen any more?



Bob /

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Patch Database



   The old system of granting points has been changed. There's now a "kudos" star on the left. Click it to grant kudos to the response. An improvement over the old system is that anyone can grant kudos to anyone else, not just the author of the base post (so I've just clicked Ian and your responses to try it out)

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