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Patch: VMS732_LAN-V0200

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Doug Phillips
Trusted Contributor

Patch: VMS732_LAN-V0200

AlphaServer 1000A 5/300 running OpenVMS V7.2-1

Preparing to upgrade to 7.3-2, downloaded all patches, all are okay except with this one I get (will wrap):

$ product list vms732_lan/version=v2.0
%PCSI-E-PDFERR, error in processing product description file
13 execute pre_undo "@pcsi$source:[sysupd]
preundo.com" interactive uses [SYSUPD]PREUNDO.COM ;
%PCSI-E-PDFUDK, undefined keyword \pre_undo\
36 execute post_undo "@pcsi$source:[sysupd]
postundo.com" interactive uses [SYSUPD]POSTUNDO.COM ;
%PCSI-E-PDFUDK, undefined keyword \post_undo\
%PCSI-E-PROCTERM, processing terminated due to previous error
%PCSI-E-S_OPFAIL, operation failed
%PCSIUI-E-ABORT, operation terminated due to an unrecoverable
error condition

Anyone have any input on this error? Must I wait until after the 7.3-2 upgrade to list this patch? All of the other 9 patches listed okay and I was able to extract their release notes.

Can't call the 800 number or use the Software Call Manager web page because I only have the media update service & RTC licence.

And, if Walter B. is listening, there is no >>"software calls" hyperlink under the "collaborate" category<< on the Maintenance & Support main menu that I get.
Martin P.J. Zinser
Honored Contributor

Re: Patch: VMS732_LAN-V0200

Hello Doug,

from the release notes for this patch:


4.1 The following remedial kit(s), or later, must be installed
BEFORE installation of this, or any required kit:

- VMS732_PCSI-V0100

So, after the uprade and after applying the PCSI patch your command will work ;-)

Greetings, Martin
Doug Phillips
Trusted Contributor

Re: Patch: VMS732_LAN-V0200

Thanks Martin. I suspected as much.:-)