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Pathworks 32 V7.4

Philip Woodell
Occasional Visitor

Pathworks 32 V7.4

We currently have multiple Windows 2003 SP1 servers running Pathworks 32 v7.4, the Windows servers connect to several VMS servers. After approximately 35 - 55 days the servers crash. When I analyze the dump I get probable cause "Decdnp.sys", this happens several times a month since I have the software deployed on 18 servers. I have complete dumps, and lots of other information if anyone has any ideas.

I'm attaching a Windows debugged crash dump text file.
Thanks in advance.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Pathworks 32 V7.4

I would start a call with HP to analyze the dumps.

regards Kalle
Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: Pathworks 32 V7.4

Are you using DECnet as the protocol? Check the Pathworks event log, if you see a line that looks like:

"mumble mumble" increased to xxx

repeating over and over until the value hits 512, you need an updated decdnp.sys. HP resolved the problem by looking at the event log.

Andy Bustamante
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