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Pathworks and W2K

François NAU
Occasional Visitor

Pathworks and W2K

Has anyone read item 7244 in "Ask the wizard" answers ? (www.openvms.compaq.com/wizard/wiz_7244.html) It refers to an additional patch to Pathworks V5.0F-ECO2, which supposedly is available from Support center. I was unable to find any trace of this patch anywhere, or to get an answer about its location from The Wizard it(him ?)self.

Thanks !

Satis nunquam
Brad McCusker
Respected Contributor

Re: Pathworks and W2K

Hello Fran??ois,

The patch is only available by direct contact with the Support Center. It is not available on any ftp site or other common repository. You need to call them directly to get it.

To further clarify the patch availability, Wizard note 7244 will eventually be updated with text similar to this:

PATHWORKS V5.0F-ECO2 with additional patches -- particularly the W2K02 patch available from the Support Center -- is typically expected to operate in this configuration, though formal support for this particular V5.0F-ECO2 configuration is not available.

There are presently NO plans to kit, test, or release the W2K02 patch through the ECO FTP websites; the patch kit is specifically available solely through direct contact with the customer support centers. If you wish to acquire this patch, you must contact the support center. PLEASE DO NOT LOOK FOR THIS ECO ON THE FTP SERVERS, IT IS NOT AND WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE THERE.
Brad McCusker
Software Concepts International