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Pathworks for MAC v1.3a Print Server problem

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Art Wiens
Respected Contributor

Pathworks for MAC v1.3a Print Server problem

I'm restoring an old VAX system/application over to a CHARON-VAX configuration. The particular problem I'm having is starting the Pathworks printers. Trying to start any of them gives eg:

%MSAP-E-PAPFLOP, Status 65446114 while creating PAP service Systems Dept Text on queue PWK$SYSDEP2

The only reference I can find says:

PAPFLOP, Status [number] while creating PAP service
[Macname] on queue [name]
Facility: MSAP, DECshare Print Server
Explanation: An error occurred during the creation of
a PAP server. This message is followed by a terminat-
ing message and by termination of the receiver process.
Earlier messages usually indicate the problem. If there
are no earlier messages, then the AppleTalk stack may
not be configured correctly.
User Action: None.

There is no preceeding error message, and as far as I can tell, AppleTalk seems to be starting up properly.

The system I'm hoping to replace is still on the network (working) ie. maybe there is some sort of conflict?

Any ideas? Anyone remember this product?!?!

VMS v6.2/Pathworks for MAC v1.3a

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Pathworks for MAC v1.3a Print Server problem

alp $ sysmsg 65446114
%ATK-E-NBP_NAMINUSE, Entity name is already in use

> [...] maybe there is some sort of conflict?

Sounds likely.
Art Wiens
Respected Contributor

Re: Pathworks for MAC v1.3a Print Server problem

Thanks Steven. I stumbled upon the answer myself when I "brute force" deleted all the print servers and recreated them. Some of the names had the old system node name in them and for sure I wanted to change those. Guess which ones started after I did that?

File server and print server names need to be unique in the zone.