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Pathworks migration

Paul Taylor_4
Occasional Contributor

Pathworks migration

Currently running PW V6.0-320C in VMS 7.2 cluster. PW server is BDC within a domain which has a WINNT 4.0 PDC - Also running Exchange V5.5. Trying to achieve a number of things, but essentially to end up with - at least - retention of existing functionality, Exchange 2000 running within Win2K domain, with PW servers running as BDCs within the new Win2K domain. Thru all of these changes, trying to avoid changing PW licences (currently PWLMXXXCA06.00), because of costs, or upgrading VMS for fear of upsetting legacy applications.

Advice I currently have is:
1. Create new Win2K domain.
2. Set up trust between old & new domain
3. Migrate exisiting PW servers into new domain (retaining all existing users & shares).

Brad, are you saying minimum support for Win2K is PW V6.0D and that going further and installing V6.1 would demand upgrades to PW licenses. What are minimum VMS revisions for either of the above?

I was led to believe V6.0c is supported within Win2K domain. You suggest this is not the case?
Paul Taylor_4
Occasional Contributor

Re: Pathworks migration

Ignore this please. I posted to wrong place. Added new message instead of reply to existing.