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Pathworks on VMS 8.3

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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

I would not bother upgrading to to Advanced Server from PATHWORKS Server; that's a dead-end upgrade, and if (when?) that stops working, you'll be migrating again.

Acquisition of CIFS itself is free and there are no associated license costs, though there are costs around sorting out the local configuration and there are also operational costs. This is the usual "TANSTAAFL" cost, as is often the case with open source ports, and the CIFS port is no exception here.

As for CIFS, you'll also eventually want (need?) to find your way to the password-protected CIFS patch area (HP folks have posted that URL and the password around the ITRC forums, or you can gain access via HP support), and you'll be working through both the (limited!) VMS CIFS docs and over to the Samba site for (more!) (generic!) documentation.

Aim some Google queries such as /site:itrc.hp.com cifs/ or such at the forums, and dig around for details and patches. Do expect to have to visit the Samba documentation. And don't install the older CIFS stuff; stay with the latest CIFS kits (the older versions of CIFS served to besmirch), and have a look around for the current patches (which have been stored and served separately from the CIFS kit and from the OpenVMS patches) when you get going.
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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

we laso have the following licenses on our system


Are any of these compatible with Advandced Server 7.3B ?

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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

Another problem after the upgrade to Advandced Server 7.3B

$ DAVE:SYSTEM> admin send sandisor test
%PWRK-E-ERRSENMSG, error sending message for computer "SANDISOR"
-LM-E-NERR_NAMENOTFOU, the message alias could not be found on the network

would normally work under Pathworks 6.0C but since the upgrade NET SEND coomand dosent appear to function?

Paul Nunez
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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

Hi Robert,

The way the ADMIN SEND command works is it attempts to resolve the NetBIOS name SANDISOR\0x03 to get the IP address of the system to which the message should be sent.

A similar test would be:

$ @sys$startup:pwrk$define_commands
$ nbshow knbstatus sandisor 03

If you don't get a response it could be because the name SANDISOR\0x03 is not registered on the network, most likely because the Messenger service is not running on the Windows client.

From the client on which you expect to receive the message, do:

nbtstat -n

to see the list of NetBIOS names it has registered. Is there an entry for SANDISOR <03>?

If the name has been registered, is that client on the same IP subnet as the Advanced Server? If not, is WINS being used? If yes, it could be a WINS issue too (i.e., the client is using one WINs server while Advanced Server uses another and the 2 WINS servers aren't replicating).


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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

sandisor is on the network and shows up when you do a netsat -a on the PC

how do you know if the Alpha is on the same subnet?
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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

the ip address of pc is
and of the Alpha server is

we have another Alpha server on the network runing vms 7.3-2 and pathworks 6.0c and the admin send commands to sandisor works perfectly well on that
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Re: Pathworks on VMS 8.3

the network mask on one alpha is and the other is
would this stop admin send from working?