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Todd Maurer


Just a quick word on points.

Points allows are one way to thank those that respond to your question.

Points are also a way to return to help the next person. By ranking the replies appropirately, you'll help the next person with the same issue, find the the answer quicker.

Note that a question or topic with any reply rated 8 or higher is considered a "solution." Others seeking answers can then search for solutions that look similar to their concern.
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Kimberly Ann
Honored Contributor

Re: Points

As a follow up to Todd's post (thanks Todd), only the author of the thread (the question author) can assign points.

To assign points to replies to your question, simply login, go to your thread, and select the appropriate points for each reply using the dropdown list next to each reply. Once you've selected the points, submit them by clicking the 'submit' button in the lower <> of page.

Points are assigned on the value that an answer provides in helping solve the problem. Use the following scale, and then deviate inside the bands for answers that add more or less value:

N/A: The answer was simply a point of clarification to my original question
1- 3: The answer didn't really help answer my question but thanks for your assistance!
4- 7: The answer helped with a portion of my question, but I still need some additional help.
8-10: The answer has solved my problem completely! Now I'm a happy camper!

For more on point rankings to assign, read here: