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Printer format- Openvms

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Printer format- Openvms

Hi All,

The network printer is setup as double-side, but, the user would like to have the report with single-side.

Any setup can be done from OpenVMS server so that they can take in single side.
Openvms v8.3
Joseph Huber_1
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Re: Printer format- Openvms

Define a FORM with a setup module to select single sided, depending on the printer language.
For a postscript printer it would look like:

statusdict begin
false setduplexmode
Heinz W Genhart
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Re: Printer format- Openvms

Hi Shiva27

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I think you should read this


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Re: Printer format- Openvms

Hi Joseph,

Currently we've define as below in queue,

can you pl suggest how to setup this FORM

Joseph Huber_1
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Re: Printer format- Openvms

Please read the VMS docu, or at least
The /SETUP=module defines the library module containing the postscript text, the (text-)library is the one in

The text library, say e.g. PSDEVCTL.TLB is created with LIBRARY./CREATE/TEXT PSDEVCTL.TLB.
Then the module inserted e.g.
LIBRARY PSDEVCTL/text 1sided.ps

The form definition then is

Joseph Huber_1
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Re: Printer format- Openvms

With the above, since You use TCPIP$TELNETSYM,
I assume You are not using DCPS, and send the plain fgiles directly to the printer.

DCPS has its own forms and setup modules.
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Re: Printer format- Openvms

Here is "Landscape And Portrait Printing, Printer Device Control Libraries":


Basically the same question, though you'll need to figure out the commands for single- and double-sided printing with the use of the technical manual of whichever printer (and whichever interpreter within the printer) is involved here.
Jon Pinkley
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Re: Printer format- Openvms

I will request that my previous post be deleted. Last one had a missing double quote after QUEUE_NAME.

Do read the article that Hoff linked to. It is a good intro.

>>>"The network printer is setup as double-side, but, the user would like to have the report with single-side."

If this means that the setup has been done on the printer itself via a front panel or web interface to the printer, and not in a setup module being used by your print queue, then it is likely there is nothing you can do to force simplex mode. If your printer is like some we have, then setting duplex at the printer "hardwires" the duplex setting, and any commands you send to change the setting are ignored. There may be some printers that the setting is just the "default" condition that will be loaded when the printer is reset, but without reading the printer manual, you won't be able to tell.

If you want more help, do the following, and copy and paste the output to ITRC

Then use the following commands (verbatim: copy and paste them to a command file.)

$ ver='f$verify(1)'
$ show entry/full '$entry'
$ this_form=f$getqui("DISPLAY_ENTRY","FORM_NAME",$entry)
$ this_queue=f$getqui("DISPLAY_ENTRY","QUEUE_NAME",$entry)
$ show queue /full 'this_queue'
$ show queue /form /full 'this_form'
$ exit 1+0*f$verify(ver)

Paste these to a command file, for example: show_queue_and_form.com

Then use the print command that you are expecting to be single sided, and add /HOLD. This will place an entry in the queue, but it will not start printing. It also creates a local symbol $entry that has the entry number that was just created by the print command.

An example sequence would be:

$ print/queue=netprinter sys$login:login.com/HOLD
$ @show_queue_and_form.com
$ ! optionally delete the entry if you don't want it to really print.
$ delete/entry '$entry'
it depends