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Problem with 3 Ethernet Cards

Rogelio Zamora
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Problem with 3 Ethernet Cards

Hello, I have a question, I have an Alpha Station DS10 with 3 Ethernet card, 2 in mother board and 1 in PCI Slot, the system detect it with name EWA0, EWB0, EWC0, when I am booting the System only show me the configuration to EWA0, I have an application name Conductor VMS and the license to this program detects the Hardware ID, but I don't need the Hardware ID to the EWA0, I need the Hardware ID to the EWC0, but I don't know how to change or swith between Ethernet Cards o Hardware ID, Exist some procedure or command to do this change?, Could you please help me?
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Re: Problem with 3 Ethernet Cards

The central problem here is with the vendor's software, and not with the AlphaStation DS10 box; the vendor (ABB?) has an error in their software licensing implementation.

If you have a license for this software product for this AlphaStation DS10 box, then I would encourage you to directly contact the software vendor (ABB?) and request assistance resolving this.