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Problem with a TNA device ...

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Chaim Budnick
Regular Advisor

Problem with a TNA device ...

At one of our customer sites we have many TNA devices defined and upon which are connected printers.

With the exception of two specific TNA devices, they work perfectly without any problems.

However, there are two which from time to time are creating problems. When the problem occurs the users no longer receive their print jobs (the printing is done through a third party DSM application which writes directly to the TNA device and does not print via a VMS printer queue). When I do a show dev/full I see that the TNA device is owned by a DSM process. If I do a stop/id on this process then the next print job will again hold the TNA device. At this point the ONLY way out is if I delete the TNA device and redefine it.

Any ideas?

Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with a TNA device ...

Do you mean that the next printjob will stall again, like the one you killed?
In that case, try to determine what's within that process. It's not impossible that the problem is located there.
Check, for instance, the process status. Is it waiting for some other device (a mailbox, perhaps?) Is it stalled due to communication issues with the device?

Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager
Bojan Nemec
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with a TNA device ...


Maybe some line problems. Try to do a:
$ SET HOST/DTE tnadev
after stoping the owner process. If all is OK the printer must print all you type after this command (depends on the type of printer when, for line printers this will be after you type CR or FF and for lasers after you type FF (L) which will advance one page in both cases). The set host/dte could hang or report some errors if there is a line error. To exit from the hanged set host, you must use STOP/ID.

Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem with a TNA device ...

when the problem occurs have you checked the network connectivity with the printer?

It may be worth looking at the socket as represent by a BG device. There should be one owned by the pid of the process. Then do UCX SHOW DEV BGxxx /FULL
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