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Processor Uncorrectable Error

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Processor Uncorrectable Error

I have a DS10 running VMS 7.2-1. This box has started to crash over the last couple of days. When I look in the errorlog there is an error stating Processor Uncorrectable error 670. I have also noticed on the console a bugcheck code 00000215 and messages stating that there is inconsistant memory management. Is this a hardware issue, everything seems to pass the POST ok. Maybe there is a patch, any help here would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Karl Rohwedder
Honored Contributor

Re: Processor Uncorrectable Error

We just had an issue with a DS10, the system just comes to an HALT, where only the powerswitch was working.

The SYS_EXER utility from the >>>-prompt leads
to some cpu double errors. It was the memory, that was faulty and had to be replaced.

Pehaps you can replace the memory or reduce it
to find the faulty part.

regards Kalle

Trusted Contributor

Re: Processor Uncorrectable Error

Sadly, it appears to be a hardware error.
Was there a crash file? What type of crash?

If you have Decevent installed

$diagnose /since=date/include=(CPU, MCH) /out=errors.dat

Of course you should install the latest ecos
which are located at

I would recommend if your applications allow to upgrade to at least 7.3-2 as that is the current fully supported version.

Wish you luck.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Processor Uncorrectable Error

I am led to believe that its a hardware error and a call needs to be logged with HP for replacement depending on your support agreement with them.

It looks like it could be a case of bad memory module or CPU. If there is a dump or if you are willing to force a crash dump, we can have more insight into this


Re: Processor Uncorrectable Error

Thank you all for your timely replies. Your replies just confirm my suspicions really. I have got a call logged with HP and am currently downloading the latest ECO's. The system was not leaving a crash dump and unfortunately the application has to support a site thats running 7.2-1, so cant upgrade.

Many thanks

Re: Processor Uncorrectable Error

Logged call with HP support