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Queue not starting, cryptic error message

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Valued Contributor

Queue not starting, cryptic error message

Hi again, and sorry to bother you all again.

I have another issue which baffels me :/ (getting to be quite the nasty habit :7)
All of a sudden 2 of my queues stopped... and I can start the first one without any problems. The second one thou just doesn't start and it looks like this:

TRAUTV>sh queue *smtp*
Generic server queue TCPIP$SMTP_TRAUTV_00

Server queue TCPIP$SMTP_TRAUTV_01, stopped, on TRAUTV::, mounted form DEFAULT
TRAUTV>start /que tcpip$smtp_trautv_01
%NONAME-E-NOMSG, Message number 07648312

Best regards
Fredrik Eriksson
Honored Contributor

Re: Queue not starting, cryptic error message


exit %X07648312
%TCPIP-E-FACNOTSTART, attempt made to run a TCPIP image before starting the faci

It seems your queue needs Tcpip started (your symbiont must be LPD, Telnetsym...), and Tcpip is not started...
Valued Contributor

Re: Queue not starting, cryptic error message

Sorry to bother you, I feel kinda silly now.. It was actually the smtp process that went bananas.

Restarted the service and it went into idle as it should.

Thanks for the tip thou. Just got really confused when i got an error saying basiclly nothing :(

Best regards
Fredrik Eriksson