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Quota Problems

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Quota Problems

I have a housekeeping job running in batch that purges, deletes and zips up files. I'm getting the below error message in my log file

adding: mpac_zip/do_not_delete/mpact63.log_archive;22 (in=5256356) (out=357828) (deflated 93%)
adding: mpac_zip/do_not_delete/mpactc64.log_archive;27 (in=53129486) (out=3546187) (deflated 93%)
adding: mpac_zip/do_not_delete/mpactc70.log_archive;22

%TYPE-F-WRITEERR, error writing SYS$OUTPUT:.;
-RMS-F-SYS, QIO system service request failed
-SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, process quota exceeded
Dale A. Marcy
Trusted Contributor

Re: Quota Problems

Unfortunately, the message does not tell you which quota. Based on what is happening prior to the error, I would look at the FILLM and BYTLM quotas for the account the batch job is running under. We have an executable called quotamon here that will watch a running process and show the minimum values for the quotas to identify which one is running out, but I do not remember where we obtained it from.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems

Has this been working until now, or is the
whole job something new?

EXQUOTA is always something of a mystery, but
the usual shortage is in page file quota.

SHOW PROCESS /QUOTA, and look for "Paging
file quota:". If it looks small:

SHOW user
and look for "Pgflquo:". Then:

Mine (possibly excessive):

alp $ pipe show process /quota | search sys$input paging
Paging file quota: 1718880 Subprocess quota: 6

> [...] (in=5256356) (out=357828)

Are you using Zip's "-v" when you really want
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems

>> I'm getting the below error message in my log file

I don't think so.
THat error message is not IN your log file, but caused BY the log file.

That's a MAXBUF problem.

There is a record in that log file whcih exceeds sysgen param MAXBUF. Maybe a record with lots of dots?

Use dump/recor to check, or a program or somethign like: $convert/fdl="record; size 2000"/trun x.log tt:

Check this...

$ conv/fdl="record; size 30000; format fixed"/pad/trun tt: tmp.tmp
$ conv/fdl=nl: tmp.tmp tmp.tmp
$ cre tmp.txt
$ appen tmp.tmp tmp.txt
$ type tmp.txt
%TYPE-F-WRITEERR, error writing SYS$OUTPUT:.;
-RMS-F-SYS, QIO system service request failed
-SYSTEM-F-EXQUOTA, process quota exceeded
$ mcr sysgen show maxbuf
Parameter Name Current Default Min. Max. Unit Dynamic
-------------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ---- -------
MAXBUF 8192 8192 4096 64000 Bytes D

Good luck!


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems

> I don't think so.

Whoa. I blew right past the "%TYPE", and
assumed (always a mistake) that Zip was
having the problem.

My next question would be, "What are you
trying to TYPE?"
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems

Steven>> My next question would be, "What are you trying to TYPE?"

Uh... the log file !?

In other words...

$ dir tmp.tmp



Total of 1 file.

$ type tmp.tmp
%TYPE-W-SEARCHFAIL, error searching for DRA3:[HEIN]TMP.TMP;
-RMS-E-FNF, file not found



$ dump/reco tmp.tmp/wid=80
Dump of file DRA3:[HEIN]TMP.TMP;1 on 16-OCT-2007 18:10:21.18

File ID (112207,189,0) End of file block 1 / Allocated 3

Record number 1 (00000001), 59 (003B) bytes, RFA(0001,0000,0000)

41464843 52414553 2D572D45 50595425 %TYPE-W-SEARCHFA 000000
68637261 65732072 6F727265 202C4C49 IL, error search 000010
45485B3A 33415244 20726F66 20676E69 ing for DRA3:[HE 000020
3B504D 542E504D 545D4E49 IN]TMP.TMP;..... 000030

Record number 2 (00000002), 26 (001A) bytes, RFA(0001,0000,003E)

656C6966 202C464E 462D452D 534D522D -RMS-E-FNF, file 000000
646E 756F6620 746F6E20 not found...... 000010

Record number 3 (00000003), 0 (0000) bytes, RFA(0001,0000,005A)


John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems


I concur with Hein, I suspect this isn't in the log file, but instead is a result of trying to TYPE the log file.

If you're getting this message as a result of attempting to TYPE the log file,
try EDIT/TPU/READ the log file instead, then scroll down to the ZIP commands and see what lies beyond. EDIT may fail with a similar error. If so, then you need to DUMP the log file in the region of the error.

If that doesn't help, please post the output of DIRECTORY/FULL of the log file.

A crucible of informative mistakes

Re: Quota Problems

From VMS source listings I can find following quota problems
causing EXQUOTA:

- AST count
- Byte count
- Open file count
- Buffered I/O count
- Direct I/O count
- CPU time limit
- Common event flag block creation
- Pagefile quota
- Too many Watch Points (WPDRIVER)

You can try the PQUOTA (Process Quota Display, V1.15) tool, found on

- OpenVMS Freeware CDs V4.0

It will show you the quota you are running out.

Depending on your VMS version, you may need to recompile it.

The latest PQUOTA is V2.0 with Itanium support, unfortunately it
didn't manage for some reason to the latest freeware CD.
If somebody has a good home for it, please contact me.
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems

kari: send the package over to Hunter Goatley at Process Software. Hunter's contact info is at http://www.process.com/openvms/index.html

I do not know of anyone at HP that is presently collecting OpenVMS Freeware.

Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: Quota Problems


I appreciate your contribution, but please help me understand how it could possibly help in the situation on hand.

This is not a mistery quota problem. It's MAXBUF. Period. No ifs or buts.
It's not running out slowly.
It's a hard stop. One instruction all st well, then next (QIO) and it is all over.

My first reply explains the problem and offers an exact reproducer for you exploration.