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RALLY 7.0 question

Regular Advisor

RALLY 7.0 question

Iam trying to understand the use of  licenses on our legacy systems  . can someone tell me how Rally is used in a DEC enviornment . Does every instance of RDB needs a Rally server license ?  in what capacity the Rally client is used?

Andy Bustamante
Honored Contributor

Re: RALLY 7.0 question

Rally is a screen scripting utility, now out a discontinued out of support product.  It was sold to Oracle along with RDB.  You can think of Rally as a Visual Basic type utility for VTxxx users.  If your site uses scripted menues to access the RDB database, it may be Rally.  The product is discontinued and no longer supported or qualified with recent versions of VMS/Oracle RDB.  Of course Rally is still in use. 

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