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Reflection scripting (RCL)

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Reflection scripting (RCL)

Hi, I'm running programs on VMS using Reflections and I would like to verify each line of output without having pause my script or lose control of input. I have tried using the variable READHOST but I don't understand how to use it correctly.

Lets say I was doing a DIR and I wanted to verify each line of the output did not contain the text niall.txt until my terminator or variable is found. what could I do? I'm trying something like this: But it is just complete rubish.

let v3 = "Total"

dir sys$sysdevice:[000000]

let v2 = ""


readhost v2 limit 256 until "niall.txt" terminator v3

if v2 = v3
goto next
goto loop


I hope someone can help, Thanks Niall.
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Re: Reflection scripting (RCL)

Where did readhost come from? My reflections help does not return any match on readhost. Maybe you should look into these other options instead (cut and pasted from Reflections help):

Reading Data from the Host

ReadChars method
ReadLine method
ReadUntil method

Waiting for Data From the Host

Wait method
WaitForIncomingData method
WaitForHostTrigger method
WaitForSilence method
WaitForString method
WaitForStrings method
WaitUntil method
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Re: Reflection scripting (RCL)

Hi Edgar,

I'm running an old version of reflections (version 5.2). Your examples are not accepted by my version of reflections.


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Re: Reflection scripting (RCL)

the old wrq support site has been moved to
search for RCL under Reflection for unix and vms and you get a few examples,
and these mostly date from older versions
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Re: Reflection scripting (RCL)

Cheers Phil,

Hopefully there is something in there I can use.