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Reflections v13 SSH and Expired Passwords

Paul Murray_4
Frequent Advisor

Reflections v13 SSH and Expired Passwords

Hi All,

We are currently using Reflections v13.0 for SSH connections to our OpenVMS servers.

The problem I have, is that when VMS does the "Your password has expired, please change it" at login time, Reflections doesn't detect this, and issues a general connection failure.

The annoying thing is that the latest version of PuTTY is able to cater for expired passwords with no problem.

Has anyone else seen this with Reflections, and more to the point, has anyone been able to fix it ?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this one.

Hey, nobody knows EVERYthing !!!
Ian Miller.
Honored Contributor

Re: Reflections v13 SSH and Expired Passwords

have you set the allow logins with expired passwords flag? - I expect so if you can login with putty in these circumstances.

I think it something that has to be fixed in Reflections
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