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Reinstalling FORMS-RT over FORMS DEV.

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Reinstalling FORMS-RT over FORMS DEV.

I had a Demo Integrity with OpenVMS 8.3. A month ago I've installed FORMS DEVelopment with temporary license. Now I've bougth only the FORMS-RT license and I've disabled and unloaded the DEV version.
I think FORMS hasn't Uninstall so, I've installed RT version over DEV version also installed. And the IVP ends well, but it appears the error message:

Message from user ACMS$IVP on IPF02
%LICENSE-E-NOAUTH, DEC FORMS use is not authorized on this node
-LICENSE-F-NOLICENSE, no license is active for this software product
-LICENSE-I-SYSMGR, please see your system manager

I use FORMS with ACMS, and everytime I start ACMS it appears the same error.

It seems there are somewhere references to the DEV FORMS version.

Any idea to eliminate that reference?.
Craig A Berry
Honored Contributor

Re: Reinstalling FORMS-RT over FORMS DEV.

Have you loaded the new license after registering it? What does

$ license list/full forms

show you?

Re: Reinstalling FORMS-RT over FORMS DEV.

Hi Pep,

We are not using ACMS, but for DECfoms-RT we were getting a similar OPCOM message.

HP provided a patch, the text file posted below.



APPLICABLE TO: DECforms V4.0 on Integrity

New Features:
1. C++ compiler support for DECforms Extract Object Command.
USAGE:DECforms V4.0 on integrity uses a C compiler to create the object file
from a .FORM file.This will allow to use the C++ compiler also to extract
object from a .FORM file.

Problems Fixed:
1. System with FORMS-RT license, upon execution of any DECforms Executables the
following OPCOM message is getting displayed

%%%%%%%%%%% OPCOM 28-AUG-2006 09:24:41.25 %%%%%%%%%%% Message from us
LICENSE-E-NOAUTH, DEC FORMS use is not authorized on this node -LICENSE-
F-NOLICENSE, no license is
active for this software product -LICENSE-I-SYSMGR, please see your syst
em manager

2. Access violation when objects are selected from the DECforms panel editor fol
lowed by PF1 + 0

3. ACMS CP processes are NOT deleting channels to DECforms that are no longer in
use. This eventually
uses up the entire open file limit available to the CP process.

4. Problem with directory specification character for forms extract object.

Installation procedure:
1. Copy the file FORMSI040_PATCH.ZIPEXE
2. Run FORMSI040_PATCH.ZIPEXE to inflate the files
2. Run the command procedure FORMSI040_PATCH.COM
3. Restart DECforms.

For C++ compiler support:
1. A symbol CC:==CXX has to be defined to use this feature.
2. If both C and C++ are installed in the system then DECforms will use the C
compiler as the default, but if the above symbol is defined then DECforms will
use C++ compiler though C compiler is available.
3. In the application program all the escape routines should have EXTERN "C"
linkage, if the application is written in C++ language.

Known Problems: None

Occasional Contributor

Re: Reinstalling FORMS-RT over FORMS DEV.

I've installed the patch and the problem is solved.
Thanks a lot.