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Re: Remove user

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Re: Remove user

I have an acl_scrub tool posted at:


This tool can locate and optionally correct stale identifiers that can be left dangling on file system objects when users are deleted.

Here is a write-up on creating and deleting users:


with links to various procedures and tools.
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Re: Remove user

I agree with Dan, don't delete the user, just DISUSER & NOACCESS the account and set the password to a random string.

I you must remove the UAF entry, I recommend using:


This deletes the UAF entry, but leaves the UIC identifier intact. There are several reasons.

Primarily, you don't lose the textual name on security objects (owner fields, ACLs etc). It also makes it much easier to prevent reuse of the UIC.

For most systems there is sufficient keyspace in UICs to never have to reuse a UIC. Sure, you can use a scrubber, like the one referenced by Hoff, but not reusing the UIC is better assurance that a stale ACE won't ever be misused.

It may make sense to change the identifier string to make it obvious it's expired.


(although usernames are effectively limited to 12 characters, identifiers are allowed to be up to 31 characters)
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