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Reset Dec Server 700

Ahmad Yusri
Occasional Contributor

Reset Dec Server 700

How did i reset DEC server 700 to factory default.
Honored Contributor

Re: Reset Dec Server 700

DECserver 700 material is available around the Internet network, including some information on the diagnostics and LEDs, and the reset sequence, including what is described at:

Volker Halle
Honored Contributor

Re: Reset Dec Server 700


did you reset the DECserver 700 and are asking us, HOW you've done that ???

Here is a pointer to the DECserver 700 Hardware Ownerâ s Manual:


Table 1-1 describes, how to reset the DECserver.


Mario Dhaenens
Frequent Advisor

Re: Reset Dec Server 700

You can reset it to factory settings by pulling out the power cord and reinserting it while pressing the system reset switch.
On power up press the system reset switch at the back of the DecServer 700 until E appears on the seven-segmented display.