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Restoring Images

Andrij Cade_1

Restoring Images

I am trying to mount a tape drive to restore an image file. I am trying to use the command


But it keeps asking me for label and log? I have no idea. What is the correct syntax?

Once mounted I am going to use:

BACKUP/IMAGE/REW/LOG mkd500:dep100.img/SAVE dka0

Is this correct?
Robert Gezelter
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Re: Restoring Images


Welcome to the OpenVMS Forum!

The command is: MOUNT/FOREIGN

So in your case, it would be something like:

The mounted tape drive can then be referred to using the logical name TAPE. This is handy when one uses a command procedure to allocate a tape drive from a pool of possible drives, request that the tape be mounted, and then perform some operation.

The HELP text also has some examples.

I hope that the above is helpful!

- Bob Gezelter, http://www.rlgsc.com
Andrij Cade_1

Re: Restoring Images

I mounted it fine, thank you for the syntax.

Now I am trying:

BACKUP/IMAGE/REW/LOG mkd500:dep100.img/SAVE dka0

mkd500 is the tape where the image is
dep100 is the image name
dka0 is the destination hard drive for the image restore

When I run the above command it returns:

%backup-f-imgfilspe, /image specification must only have device name

What is the problem? I tried taking out the image name and it still didn't work.
The Brit
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Re: Restoring Images

I think you need to put a colon, ":", on the "dka0", so try

BACKUP/IMAGE/REW/LOG mkd500:dep100.img/SAVE dka0:

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Re: Restoring Images

FWIW, there are some very useful command examples in the back of the BACKUP chapter in the documentation set -- details of the command(s) used for a whole list of typical BACKUP operations.

This command example list is in the System Manager's Utilities manual, and the current direct link is here:


BACKUP can be quite complex and obscure and even cryptic, and this list can really help.

The other available option for those folks here that are less inclined to tangle with BACKUP directly is the BACKUP$MANAGER tool that is provided within OpenVMS. This tool can guide you through various of the typical BACKUP operations. To invoke this tool: