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Return values from TCPIP$SMTP_SEND_FROM_FILE

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Chris Barratt
Frequent Advisor

Return values from TCPIP$SMTP_SEND_FROM_FILE

Does anyone know what the possible return values are from this routine - the documentation doesn't specify.

From some testing, I have seen 0 returned when the call is successful and 1 when it is not, however, I just had a case of it being successful but still returning 1.

(OpenVMS 8.3, IA64, calling from Pascal)

John Gillings
Honored Contributor

Re: Return values from TCPIP$SMTP_SEND_FROM_FILE

Hi Chris,
For an authoritative answer, you probably need to go to the sources.

If the routine isn't following OpenVMS condition code conventions, I'd raise it as a bug!
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Chris Barratt
Frequent Advisor

Re: Return values from TCPIP$SMTP_SEND_FROM_FILE

It was last thing yesterday, and I think I got myself confused with my testing.
While there are no returned conditions documented for this routine, the return of 1 is SS$NORMAL, so in the words of Jonesy from Dad's Army...Don't Panic, Don't Panic !

(As I am trying to send an email to an SMSing service, I was getting confused a bit when the SMS was not working, even though the email was).

Never used to be so easy to confuse me. :-)