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SCP copy

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Robert McGowan
Occasional Visitor

SCP copy

When using scp copy from vms to unix server I get the following error with variable length files that has a block size of more than 7100 blocks

gs_001600_20070307_prodpl_00009 | 3.3MB | 47.5 kB/s | ETA: 00:00:06 | 90%
tcpip$ssh_scp2.exe: warning: gs_001600_20070307_prodpl_000095_001_01.txt (src): got EOF reading file (server msg: 'Encountered EOF.')

If I change the file record type to it work but the remote server can node read the file.

Current version if scp and VMS
tcpip$ssh_scp2.exe: SSH Secure Shell OpenVMS (V5.5) 3.2.0 on hp AlphaServer GS1280 7/1150 - VMS V7.3-2
Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: SCP copy

I have no eperience with scp, but I quickly scanned the man page and help screen and as I expected it does not seem to mention file conversions. With (s)ftp you get to select ASCII or BINARY mode. I suspect scp just does binary. It that really what you want? Do you have a usage for an OpenVMS variable length record format file on Tru64? I much doubt it.
I woudl recomment converting the file on the VMS side to 'stream_lf' which is binary compatible with Tru64 text files and try again.

You need an FDL file for that on the VMS side.

On OpenVMS V8.3 or better you can use:

$CONVERT/FDL="record; format stream_lf" var.txt stmlf.txt

Before that version you'll need to create a small fdl file containg those commands and pass that.

Hein van den Heuvel
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: SCP copy

What do you have on a UNIX system which can
read a VMS variable record length file?

Changing the file attributes (alone) would
probably not change the answer to that one.

If the file contains text, and if you would
like scp (and any application on UNIX) to be
able to handle it, you might wish to use
CONVERT to change the file format. Here's a
simple example of a command procedure to do

ALP $ type utility:CNVSTMLF.COM
$! 12 December 1999. SMS.
$! CONVERT a file to StreamLF record format.
$ convert 'p1' 'p2' /fdl = sys$input:
FORMAT stream_lf
Robert McGowan
Occasional Visitor

Re: SCP copy

Thank very much that fix my problem.