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SMTP.CONFIG question

Willem Grooters
Honored Contributor

SMTP.CONFIG question

VMS 8.2, TCPIP 5.5
(However, I think it applies to lower versions of TCPIP as well)

My SMTP server has been set up a relay host, just accepting mail for domains I host, with some SPAM protection built into SMTP.CONFIG.
One facility in there is to block mail from addresses that are not backward translatable to a domain:
Reject-Unbacktranslatable-IP TRUE

but that may cause expected mail to be blocked. One solution I found was to create a reference between an address and the domain, in the local hostfile of DNS. Fine if there is a fixed, one-to-one relationship, but this is not feasable if this relationship does not exist.

Is there a way to direct SMTP (via SMTP.CONFIG) to allow a RANGE of addresses to pass the filter, or to specify a range to be translated into one domain?

(I would like to keep the feature since it does indeed block 90% of all spam I received via the server)
Willem Grooters
OpenVMS Developer & System Manager